Creating HTML Disclaimer on Exchange Server 2010 SP1

We will create our own Disclaimer with using HTML tags (<b>Bold Text </b>,<center> Centralized text </center>) and Active Directory attributes.  If you are system engineer of a company which has any version of Exchange Server, you will be contacted to use disclaimer by directors. This configuration will help you to create standard disclaimer to send them outside according to company policies.

Today will try tomake this disclaimer:


IT Architect –

23 the highway Mount Waverley-Mount Waverley – 3149

Telephone: 0452 207 912

There are plenty of examples of HTML tag but you don’t need all of them if you are not programmer. When you need any of them you can find examples online.

Fill the information boxes of users

HTML Disclaimer

The attributes and codes what I need

AD Attribute

Transport Rule Codes

















HTML Disclaimer

Open Exchange Server Management Console> Organization Configuration> Hub Transport> Transport Rules Tab On the action panel click on “New Transport Rule”

HTML Disclaimer

Write the name of rule

HTML Disclaimer

Choose ” from users that are inside or outside the organization”

HTML Disclaimer

Choose ” append disclaimer text and failback to action if unable to apply ” then click on disclaimer text and write HTML codes



<font size=small>

%%Department%% – %%Company%% <br>

%%StreetAddress%% – %%City%% – %%StateOrProvince%% –
%%PostalCode%% <br>

Mobile: %%MobilePhone%%<br><br>


<h5> <font color=gray>

The content of this e-mail (including any attachments) is strictly confidential and may be commercially sensitive. If you are not, or believe you may not be, the intended recipient, please advise the sender immediately by return e-mail, delete this e-mail and destroy any copies.


HTML Disclaimer

And the creating disclaimer has finished.


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