Configuration Manager Central Administration Site Installation

As you know, SCCM 2012 is new version of SCCM 2007. there a lot of new features on Configuration Manager 2012. Most of them are about structure, other are about processes on management console.

as you know, there were two different installation on Configuration Manager 2007, primary site and secondary site. At the moment there is central administration site not including clients information and primary site that including all data of clients.

First of all you have to install Central Administration Site to your organization.

There are some little requirements to install configuration manager 2012. SQL server 2008 CU10 or higher. be careful that SQL server 2008 SP2 and SQL 2008 R2 do not supported.

You have to install Microsoft Remote differential compression and Active Directory Schema extension is not required but recommended. If you have Configuration Manager 2007 you don not need upgrade it.


Click on Install


click Next


choose Install a Configuration Manager Central Administration Site


Read and Accept term


Create folder on your disk because SCCM needs some files to upgrade while installation


Folder was created before and as you see SCCM setup console is downloading files from Internet


Write the Site code that must be 3 characters and Site name and choose a installation folder


SQL server name and Instance name


NETBIOS name of server


Join Practice club


This screen is setting summary about installation. If everything is ok, let’s go


as you see, everything is not ok. I have to extend the Schema and install Remote Differential Compression


This is explanation how to extent Active directory schema


and how to install RDC. when the RDC install, re-run check


My installation completed successfully


New Console of SCCM

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