Create a child domain on Windows Server 2008 R2

If you have more than 2 branches in your organization and each branches has their administrator and you want to delegate some administrative jobs to your branch administrators, you can create a subdomain. This is really critical decision because more than 1 domain sometimes does not effective solution for your organization. If you have branches in same city and you can manage them from headquarter. I think you don’t need subdomain.

I think before your decision you need a help to create your infrastructure. why am I telling this, because everybody wants to manage complex big infrastructure but for our future career, we must design an infrastructure as simple as we can.

We have a headquarter and a branch on virtual desktop. Of course you need routers, switches, data line to connect your offices.


Open dcpromo.exe and click “Use advanced mode installation”




this will be a child domain and we choose”Create a domain in an existing domain”


We need to root domain name and root administrator user and password

chl05 is a name of parent domain (root domain) and NSW will be named of child domain


NSW is NETBIOS name, click on Next


Select site


What do you want? Only DNS will be installed or you need a Global catalog


you want to choose replication server name. If you have more than one domain controller you can let the wizard choose an appropriate domain controller for you




Need a password for restore mode


After next installation will be started

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