Planning of Lync Server 2010

Lync Server 2010 implementation involves really good planning, while planning a unified communications solution these two tools will help you to have a good plan before deployment. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Planning Tool and Topology Builder.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Planning tool is a wizard that will show us some questions about our organizations. End of the questions you will have a idea that what kind of topology do you need and have output of your installation.

Topology builder is a installation component of Lync 2010. It will help you to create your planned topology. And also you can validate your plans before Lync Server 2010 implementation. Of course it will help you but we can modify our topology while pilot phase.

Before roll out we have to pass some step if we really want to run Lync server without major problems. This is that we all steps are connected each others and we need good plan.

  • Preparing Technical deployment
  • Planning
  • Pilot rollout
  • Testing
  • Reviewing planned topology
  • Rollout
  • Training

Some administrators do not like to make plan too much but if you are a good administrator you have to spend more time for planning instead of installation. Because big mistake while installation will cause a bog trouble on your production environment.

Migration project has same steps and also migration steps.


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