Configuring Email Address Policies on Exchange Server 2010

When a email address is created on Exchange Server 2010, the email address is formed according to email address policy. How to define email address policy on Exchange Server for your organization. This policy must be related your organization policies. For example some company use first letter of first name and last name.

We’ll configure one for our domain,, using these steps in the Exchange Management Console:

1. Navigate to Microsoft Exchange – Organization Configuration -Hub Transport – E-mail Address Policies.


2. In the Actions pane, click New E-mail Address Policy.


3. Enter a name for the policy, such as sonat email policy. Leave the Recipient Container and

Recipient Type options at their default settings, and click Next.


4. Since we’ll apply this policy to all users, we don’t need to define conditions. At the

Conditions screen, click Next.


5. On the E-Mail Addresses page, click Add. The options are as


◆ Use Alias

◆ First Name.Last Name (John.Smith)

◆ First Name Initial And Last Name (Jsmith)

◆ First Name And Last Name Initial (Johns)

◆ Last Name.First Name (Smith.John)

◆ Last Name Initial And First Name (Sjohn)

◆ Last Name And First Name Initial (Smithj)

6. Check the option Select The Accepted Domain For The E-mail Address, click Browse

7. Click OK twice, and then click Next.

8. Choose Immediately and click Next. This will apply the policy to all current recipients immediately.


9. On the New E-mail Address Policy summary screen, click New.

10. When the wizard completes, click Finish.


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