Adding and Removing user from GrantSendonbehalfTo

You can add or remove users to/from “Send on behalf to” mailbox or distribution Group. Of course you can do it using GUI.

For some scenario, PowerShell sometimes needs to be used.

Let’s start adding user to distribution group and than I will give one kind of scenario I knew, you would need to use PowerShell to remove particular user.

– This command will give all kind of information what you need

Get-DistributionGroup “XYZ” | fl

When the information is listed, find out “GrantSendOnBehalfTo :“


– Now let’s add  an user to XYZ group

Set-DistributionGroup “XYZ” –GrantSendOnBehalfTo “Simon Richmond”

Set-DistributionGroup “XYZ” –GrantSendOnBehalfTo “Mark Schmitt”


– let’s check group information again

Get-DistributionGroup “XYZ” | fl

GrantSendOnBehalfTo : { Richmond, Schmitt}


– If you want to remove one of the users, you have to use GUI to remove one. My scenario get involved here. Before migration exchange server from 2007 to 2010, I disabled couple of user in the Active directory who has “Send on behalf to” permission on this group and User object is still exist and disabled on Active Directory. After exchange migration this user disappeared from GUI and there is only way see it on PowerShell. When I tried to modify user permission on Group, I had an error message.

in this scenario, there is no way to remove user from GUI because of that it is not listed. the only way get rid of it is clear the all user and re add them again. Before run the command below, please take screenshot or note all active users in the GUI. Because we are going to add them again.

set-DistributionGroup “XYZ” –GrantSendOnBehalfTo $null


– Our list is clear now and lets check it

Get-DistributionGroup “XYZ” | fl


– Re-add active users to Distribution group again via GUI or PowerShell

Set-DistributionGroup “XYZ” –GrantSendOnBehalfTo “Simon Richmond”


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