How to repair Client Access Role

Nowadays Email systems for companies are necessary and I don’t know a company which has no email system. Some companies outsource this tool, some companies try to manage their own systems.

Not in the office, it is possible to access your email from everywhere and anytime with laptop, mobile phone, even internet explorer of public computer.

Outlook web access helps us to read our email easily from everywhere. As some of you know Client Access server has strange errors and it needs to be reinstalled.

When you have web.config error below, you may reinstall it from the scratch.


Connect your Client Access Server and remove “WinRM IIS Extension”

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uncheck “WinRM IIS Extension” and finish removing process


when removing WinRM IIS extension, it is time to remove Client Access Role. Open Control Panel and add/remove programs and click on Exchange server and click Uninstall


Click Next


uncheck Client Access Role


and finish uninstalling process


click finish. Now removing extension and CAS are completed successfully. We have to re install extension and CAS again.

open add features windows and add WinRM IIS Extension


It is installed successfully. Installing CAS process is different than removing it. You need Exchange Server DVD media or ISO file.


Choose Install Exchange Server


Select Client Access Role again and click Next


Prerequisites is finished successfully and click Install

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