How to create a Dynamic Distribution Group

it is really hard to managing groups for users. some of groups must be normal distribution group and some of them can be dynamic. Basically, we use dynamic groups for department distribution groups and branch distribution groups.

The best way of explaining dynamic group is giving examples.

For example you have two offices, Sydney and Melbourne, and each office has 50 users. When a user joins to team or leaves, you have to add or remove user groups. If you create a dynamic groups which has condition that is “If State is Sydney or Melbourne”, a new user will be added to a dynamic distribution group automatically according to state on its Active Directory account.

Open Microsoft Exchange Server management Console and go to

Microsoft Exchange On-Premises>

Recipient Configuration>

Distribution Group>

On Actions panel, choose “New Dynamic Distribution Group”


type Name and Alias what you want

Choose recipient Type,  I will choose All recipient types and click next

select the box named “Recipient is in state or province” and than “Specified” section in the Step 2 panel


and write your state name, Melbourne and click add


click OK and Next


when you click “New” a new dynamic group that has members who in Melbourne will be created.


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