How to learn user’s database using PowerShell on Exchange Server 2010

Actually this kind of scripts are useful for helpdesk. Because they are required to fix user’s problem and sometimes it is really hard to find a user in EMC if you have big environment

you can write scripts and save them in a folder in Exchange server and they can be used if required. you don’t have write each time same scripts for daily basis jobs.

open new text document


when you save it, choose “All Files” in combo box and type name of file what you want with ps1 extension


When it is saved, let’s run it.

Open Windows PowerShell and go to folder that your files is saved into and run it for specific user. my file name is s1.ps1 and I will run it for administrator user

PS C:UserssonatDesktop> .s1.ps1 administrator



Retrieving info of administrator

Name                                                        Database
—-                                                              ——–
Administrator                                               DB1


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