How to Install Second Windows 2012 Domain Controller

If you have a Windows 2012 domain controller, it is easy to add second domain controller to your system.

Follow the steps in the link until the deployment configuration

If you followed, you then have to choose “Add a domain controller to an existing domain”


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How to run Sysprep on Windows 2012 Server

I am sure that those have experience on windows 2003 or Windows 2008 servers, even windows XP, Vista and 7, know this feature.

Basically, you can run this application for two reasons. One of them is that if you have cloned server OS that means second server has same SID which original server has and another one is that you would like to create an image server file and then you want to clone it.

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How to enable HA on ESX Cluster

I mentioned in one of the previous articles that I don’t want to enable HA at this moment and will enable it later. This is later and Enabling HA is really easy.

Why I didn’t enable it during installation because you sometimes need to disable or enable it to fix some problems.

open your vSphere Client and right click on Cluster and go to edit Settings


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How to create a datacentre and cluster in vCenter Server

As you know, we have installed vcenter server and other components. It is now to add hosts to vcenter server. Before adding hosts, you must create a datacentre which is really easy. Connect to vcenter server and right click on your vcenter server name on left menu. When it is created, just rename it.


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