Windows 2012 AD Installation

How to install Active Directory on Windows 2012 server? That is the question I am trying to explain. Windows 2012 has new infrastructure and new architect. Let’s explain this lesson.

I have Windows 2012 standard edition installed on my virtual environment. First screen after the installation has been finished, you will see Server Manager Dashboard as I see here


Click Local Server and then on Computer name in order to change the name of server


When the computer name is changed, the server will be rebooted and you will see the same dashboard again. Now it is the time to IP address.

To install a Windows server, first the name needs to be changed and IP address must be static. Never ever use DHCP.

Let’s start install Domain service Role

Click on Manage right top on dashboard and then choose “Add Roles and Features”


It is obvious to choose Role-Based or feature-based installation


choose the server which you want to install AD


Click the box next to Active Directory Domain Services that is not Active Directory installation. This is only installation of service.


These are the features will be installed


After the features are added, click Next and see the page that explains what is this Domain Services AD DS.


On the next page there is a thick box “Restart the destination server automatically if required” please check the box and then click on Yes and finally Click “Install” button


It has started and do not do anything until it is finished


Now it is finished and I clicked on close already. New notification has appeared in the dashboard


This is trying to tell us that you installed Active Directory Domain service successfully but there are some steps required to complete the AD installation.

Let’s complete it. Click on “Promote this server to a domain controller”

What you want to do? If this is first server of your company, choose add new a forest and type your root domain name. I have to warn you in this step because I want you to choose correct domain name. Actually Domain name is not important in this section. The important thing is extension which after “.”

Never ever use common things like com,, org, net. Always use name which to never be used in the Internet such as int, local, lcl.


Forest level and domain level need to be defined over here. Of course use the latest version is always better.

DNS will be installed automatically if you haven’t installed it before the installation and Global Catalog will be installed as well.

Type your password here and never forget it. You will need it when you decide to remove AD from the forest


We have a warning because of that DNS hasn’t been installed yet.


NetBIOS name has been resolved and it is safe to use in my network


Directories Windows server 2012 will use to save logs, DB abd sysvol


Check information chosen by you previous steps and click next. If you want to learn which Powershell command will create my AD, click on View Script


That means you don’t have to open GUI and follow the screens. Open powershell and install AD


Installation will check your server and decide that whether your server is eligible for AD. Warnings below are not important because top of the screen I have conformation “All prerequisite checks passed successfully”

Click on Install button


That’s the message you are waiting couple of minutes is to confirm that your installation has been completed successfully


Congratulations. Well done. Let’s check that whether or not our AD is installed.

Even though you typed the password of Domain Administrator account to log in the server, let’s check the settings


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