How to solve Java problem of vCenter Server

When vCenter server 5.1 is installed, you will release that problem. 4-6-8 GB memory not enough for Java. I don’t always like Java and now it is a problem again . That screenshot has been taken 3 minutes after my server is booted up.


During the installation, you should have seen this screen about JVM


These steps below are the solution. Actually Java itself is a problem.

Solution consists of 3 parts.

First part is configuring SSO

Connect to vcenter server and open this this folder


And then find wrapper.conf file and open it.

Change the value of to 512


Second configuration is Inventory services memory value

Open this folder installation_directory\VMware\Infrastructure\Inventory Service\conf

Find wrapper.conf

And change this to 1024


Last step is about vcenter server setting

Open this folder


Find wrapper.conf file

And change value to 512

Last step is restart services or reboot the server to affect the changes

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