How to add hosts to vCenter server

I know that we are getting somewhere. Vcenter server is ready. The datacentre and cluster are ready.

Let’s add some hosts which is easy, you will see

Right click on your cluster name and choose add host


Type the IP address of your ESX host and root’s password. I know that some of you say that you haven’t showed us how to install and change IP address of ESX host. I will write a small article about changing IP address and I don’t have any plan to explain how to install ESX because it is not hard. Just put your media in DVD rom and follow the steps.


When you click on Next button. You will certificate screen. Just click yes that will create a trust relationship between vcenter and esx host.


Next Host summary step

There is the license step. I don’t have now let’s skip it. We can add it later


Don’t enable lockdown site section

That’s it your host is added.

My friend do it same thing for your second host.

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