How to create a datacentre and cluster in vCenter Server

As you know, we have installed vcenter server and other components. It is now to add hosts to vcenter server. Before adding hosts, you must create a datacentre which is really easy. Connect to vcenter server and right click on your vcenter server name on left menu. When it is created, just rename it.


Hey friend now it is time to create a Cluster because we and I am pretty sure that you have minimum 2 hosts are waiting to be added. And you will enable HA and DRS later that require a cluster.

Right click on your datacentre name and create a cluster.


Type your cluster name and it is up to you enable HA and DRS in this part. I prefer to enable them after hosts are added


leave default this screen – Default EMC

And leave default option for swap file


Well done mate. Datacentre and cluster have been created

Let’s add some host now

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