How to enable HA on ESX Cluster

I mentioned in one of the previous articles that I don’t want to enable HA at this moment and will enable it later. This is later and Enabling HA is really easy.

Why I didn’t enable it during installation because you sometimes need to disable or enable it to fix some problems.

open your vSphere Client and right click on Cluster and go to edit Settings


When you enabled HA, 3 options will be appeared


When a host lost the connection or hardware problem, HA configuration restart VMs running on that host and move them to another host. Why we chose Leave powered on.


This option is little bit critic. If Vmtool is installed on VM server and VM monitoring not receive a heartbeat Monitoring system will restart your individual VM. I don’t want this and disabled it.


That is a good option it will migrate your VM when management network has failed.

But I don’t have any datastore at the moment



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