How to disable Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address

Although you are sure that all IP configuration you have entered are correct, you have Duplicate IP address and 169. IP address on your network card.

Run > cmd > ipconfig /all

You may see the following issues:


The solution;

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View Active Directory (FSMO) Roles

If you want to find out which Active Directory holds FSMO roles, all you should do is to open CMD and type “Netdom query FSMO”

Here is the result

C:\Documents and Settings\Sonat>netdom query fsmo

Schema owner                Sonatdc01.sonat.local

Domain role owner           Sonatdc01.sonat.local

PDC role                    Sonatdc01.sonat.local

RID pool manager            Sonatdc01.sonat.local

Infrastructure owner       Sonatdc01.sonat.local

The command completed successfully.

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