vCloud Director 5.1 Installation Step 2 – Installing Red Hat Ent Linux 6

Although I am pretty sure that there are many good articles to explain how to install this Linux box, this operation does not require high level knowledge and deep understanding on Linux systems. The more importing thing of installing vCloud Director is that to have 2 NIC cards. During the creating a virtual machine in vSphere client, be sure that 2 NIC cards have been chosen and both have different Network. Of course this is lab installation that means both network cards will be associating same network.

After creating 2 NIC cards, you will need 2 IP addresses. One for the HTTP service and one for the console proxy service.

My virtual server configuration;


When you attached the Red Hat enterprise Linux 6 ISO file that 30 days trail version can be downloaded from this link, you can power on your virtual machine.

Choose the first option


Language and keyboard, English and US English

If you have ISO file, skip this section. Otherwise click ok


Basic storage device is all we need


type the server name, such as (you should manually create a DNS A record for this name)

select you city and next the screen is password of root user. please take a note for his password and do not forget it. you can type as complex as you ca

Use all space is our option. This is brand new server and we don’t have anything in the disk.


last thing we should choose is that below option which is Basic server is this


More than 600 packages will be installing the server and it can take 30 minutes. End of the installation you must see this screen


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