vCloud Director 5.1 Installation Step 4 – Firewall / IP Address and Name Configuration

Open Red Hat Console and type “setup”


Open firewall and disable it.


And then confirm that you are about to disable it. Next is network configuration


Choose “Device Configuration” and then eth0


Unthick DHCP option and type your IP address you want to give to the server


After you type IP address, go to second network card and do the same thing for it. I am going to use the lowest IP as my HTTP IP address.

after that click “save” and then go to DNS Configuration


Type your Primary DNS IP address and DNS search path which is your domain name “” and then save and quit.

Run this command and see all configuration doesn’t work:)

Ifconfig -a


There is a good reason for this. Don’t worry. The solution is easy.

Type this;

Cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

Ls -la

You will those 2 files, ifcfg-eth0 and ifcfg-eth1

We must edit these files.

Type, vi ifcfg-eth0

As you can see now that ONBOOT=no but it must be “yes”

Press “i” and then Insert option will be available. You can change it now to yes and press ESC

Now we should save our changes. In order to save and quit from the editor just type “:wq” and then press enter. Do it same thing to eth1

Ok we have changed onboot option and now we have to restart network service. Type “service network restart”


Now you can run ifconfig -a again and you will see all IP address assigned

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