vCloud Director 5.1 Installation Step 12 – Create a Provider VDC

This is one of the important parts because we are going to define some levels about our service that are provided to customers such as Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Before going further, you must define what kind of service you will provide. I will try to explain little bit.

Gold for me means, best CPU, best memory and FC SAN storage

Silver can be mixed storage tier.

Bronze should be lowest CPU and memory and SATA disks. All you have to do is to define what service you have.

Let’s begin to configure it. Click on “Create a Provider VCD” and give it a name. Hardware version part is critical steps because if you have vmware esx 4.1 host you can choose hardware version 8 or 9. I have ESXI 5.1 and I chose version 9.


Second page is about choosing vCenter Cluster or resource pool. We don’t have external network yet, therefore, we will pass it.


Now we should choose the storage. At this stage I will choose all now but in further articles, I will create different level storage


the last step is to connect host to vCloud. I don’t have different password for each ESXI host, consequently, I have thicked “One credential for all hosts”


Second green check mark has been activated, well done.


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