vCloud Director 5.1 Installation Step 6 – vCloud Installation

All requirements, Red Hat server, certificates, installation files, IP addresses, DNS records, are ready. Now we can install the application now.

Connect your Red Hat server which vCloud Director will be installed onto and go to preptools folder where all installation files are


Quick look inside of our folder


As you can see only certificates.ks file is green that means we can execute this file while others are read-only. You should change permission and then we will be ready to installation


Yes, we are ready to go. First of all we should execute Lib file. Type this and press enter


Done. Our server is ready for vCloud installation


Type yes and go


Now IP addresses given are listed here and first option is for Http services and I chose “1” that is lowest IP and second is console-proxy.

The next screen is certificates. You should show the folder the certificates are created. In my example, it is preptools.

Also, we don’t have syslog folder. We can skip it.


We are at DB section which we must give our DB details. First question is SQL or Oracle.

Most of my other answers are default option. Basically I passed them with pressing enter


There it is. It’s being installed.


Finally… you did it. Type “y” to start services. Starting services sometimes takes more than a minute.


Ok. Let’s access it via IE or https://IPaddress

If you have only grey screen, you ought to have little longer



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