vCloud Director 5.1 Installation Step 7 – Pre-Configuration -1 for vCloud Director configuration

I understand you saying Sonat how many articles we should read and execute to configure vCloud Director. I really know but this is the reality we can’t avoid easily. Actually before using vCloud Director functional, we have a long way head of us and all I can say is that patience is a virtue.

Three things we have to do before turning to Web page. First one is not recommended but we should do it because each VM must have it which is Vmtool. It is not easy if you are not familiar with Linux too much.

Second thing is that install VCNS vCloud Network and Security Manager that is also known vShield Manager.

Last thing we will do it, creating relationship between VCNS and vCloud Director.


Unfortunately, we have no GUI the same we have on Windows Server. We should type some commands.

Let’s start it. Right click on your VM server in vCenter server and go to Guest and clock on Install/upgrade VM tool.

Connect your Red Hat server with root user and then follow the steps below


Let me explain what I did above screenshot.

Mkdir is creating a folder

Cd is get in the folder

Pwd is where I am

Mount is attaching orginal CD-rom (/dev/cdrom)to my folder

Cd is to go to my folder

Ls is looking inside folder

Cd is go to my preptools folder

Ls is to look it

Tar is extract vmtool file into my folder

Now we have vmware distrubition folder in preptools folder. In order to look what we have in preptools folder, type “ls”

Get in that folder and run installation. “-d” end of my command is to use all default setting.


When the installation is completed, you will see that CD-rom device has been ejected.

Now we can reboot the server


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