vCloud Director 5.1 Installation Step 9 – Pre-Configuration -3 for vCloud Director configuration

Vshield Manager has been installed and I added to memory as well. We can start the server.

Default username and password of this server are


Password: default

If you are in and if you don’t have any warning messages, you will see “Manager>”

In order to configure the server type “enable” and password is again default


You have # that means you are in configuration mode

Type “setup” and then you are asked some question such as IP address, subnet mask etc..

When you finish your question, please save the configuration and logoff and logon back to system


When you are in back, just test basic connection such as ping to your gateway or Active Directory

If everything is ok, let’s go to Web GUI


Continue certificate error and there it is.


This is the initial configuration page and it will become vCloud’s extension


First of all edit the lookup services. Type your details into the fields and click ok. After that you should trust the certificate warning.


Type your details below and click ok and then trust the certificate again. All menu has been reloaded and the menu has been changed.


It is up to you to configure time server. If you want you can check user tab and add some users.

Now the configuration is ok and please reboot the server

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