Upgrade Vmware vSphere from 5.1 to 5.5 – Step 4 – vCenter Server

SSO, Web client and Inventory Service have been upgraded. I am going to upgrade vCenter server now. As you will all see that the process is almost automatic. The installation will mostly check what you have and confirm all other components have correct version.


As I said that the installation found my old version and wants to upgrade it


Accept the license


I don’t have a key right now and I am passing it


During the Vmware 5.1 installation, I created a DSN connection in order to Vmware connects its DB which is in another server. Now my DSN definition has been found by Vmware 5.5 Installation and It will use same configuration


Ok. That’s normal, after the installation is completed, I will upgrade the Update Manager as well


I want my current DB updated


It is up to you. I chose "automatic" because this is a test environment


I am going to use Local System Account although a service account is recommended.


Ports are default ports and I don’t want to change them


You have to choose one of the following options depending on how big your Vmware environment is


Type new SSO administrator’s password



Confirm that Inventory service URL is correct



Well done mate. It has been installed successfully.

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