How to upgrade Vmware vCloud Director from 5.1 to 5.5

First of all, you should download the installation package.

Secondly, you should upload it to your current active vCloud Director server via any Software that I use Winscp.

I will explain what I did. Open my WinSCP and choose SCP and typed my IP address of vCloud Director. After that, wrote my user name which is “Root” and then my password. After I logged on succesfully to the VCD I copied the new version of VCD into Tmp folder. When the copy job is finished, you can close the application because you don’t need it anymore.

It is time to connect to directly to VCD server via Putty. After I logged on to the server, I typed ./opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin]# ./vmware-vcd-cell maintenance

The cell will response to all request to maintenance mode. If you have a load balancer, basically, you can block the acces to the cell you want to upgrade.

Check the status of the service of cell

./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell –status

It should be true

And then stop the task scheduler

./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell –quiesce true

Last thing is to stop the service

./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell –shutdown

Now we can upgrade it safetly.

I typed “cd /tmp” and then hit the enter.

Second command I used is “chmod u+x vmware-vcloud-director-5.5.0-1323688.bin” and then I run the installation using this command ” ./vmware-vcloud-director-5.5.0-1323688.bin”

After 30 sec, I am asked that do you to upgrade it now and I said yes.


That below screenshot is the process you will see


This is Next step after the upgrade is finished.

You will need to upgrade the database schema before starting the vmware-vcd service. The product upgrade tool should be run only once per vCloud Director group. The tool may be run with the following command:


Before doing anything, I recommend you to run backup to your all DBs

If you are ready, please run this now ”



Answer the questions below


And if you are happy, you can say yes to the last question.



That’s my new version

Untitled picture

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