How to upgrade Vmware vShield Manager from 5.1 to 5.5

Actually, it is really easy to do it. However, you should follow the sequence if you have vCloud Director and vShield Manager.

This is the sequence table copied from Vmware web site and the link below that you can find more information about the sequence.

  1. VCD
  2. VSM
  3. View Composer
  4. View Connection Server
  5. vCenter Server
  6. VR/SRM
  7. vCOPS
  8. VDP
  9. VSA
  10. ESXI
  11. vShield Edge
  12. vShield App
  13. vShield Endpoint
  14. View agent/Client


From <>

Log in to vShield Manager and click on Settings & Reports and then to Update. First of all, you should upload the upgrade package and then you can run the installation. Choose "Uploaded Upgrade Bundle" and browse the file and upload it.


After the upgrade package is uploaded go back to Update section and click on "Install" button. This action leads the installation to second page that you should confirm the installation.

When the installation is being performed, you can follow the steps below. After that, the vShield will be restarted.


After the upgrade, that’s my VSM version.


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