Managing VCOPS, Vmware vCenter Operation Manager 5.7.2 – 1

In my opinion, the Installation of VCOPS and the configuration were easy part. Managing VCOPS is a good challenge and I hope I can give you some brief ideas what it looks like. Below is the general view of VCOPS and as you guess that Green boxes are good and you should keep green boxes rather than red or orange boxes as much as you can. Also, you will see some numbers that indicates whether how healthy your system is or not. Green 77 below is my system is healthy but the number is 77. My recommendation is to keep it around 90. It is really hard to make it 100. I remember that it was 100 once my vCenter was built. Every day we are getting new problems and the number is being changed.


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How to Upgrade VCOPS 5.6 to VCOPS 5.7.2

As you all know that we have recently installed and configured VCOPS 5.6 and Vmware has released the new version 5.7.2. After our configuration has finished, I decided to upgrade it and this steps show you how to do it.

You will see that it is really easy. First of all, download the update package and then to log in the admin console http://ipadress/admin

And then go to update tab.


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How to Configure VCOPS 5.6 – 2

As you know that we have recently finished the first configuration of VCOPS. There are few steps to finish the configuration and then we will use VCOPS properly.

When the first configuration is finished, administration page has been loaded. First thing we should configure is SMTP/SNMP tab. If we have a monitoring system, we expect that the system updates us whenever it finds a problem.

Type correct settings about your mail system and if the authentication part is used, you need to create an account in the email system, otherwise you should add VCOPS IP address to relay section of the email system.


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IP Pool Configuration for VCOPS 5.6

You can configure it before or after the deployment of VCOPS. I am doing it after the installation.

Click on your Datacentre name in vCenter server and then go to IP pool Tab.

If you don’t create an IP pool, when you start the VMs you will get this error message "Cannot initialize properly ‘vami.netmask.VM_1’.Network ‘your network name’ has no associated network protocol profile"

Add a new IP pool


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How to Install VCOPS (Vmware vCenter Operation Manager) 5.6

Vmware has released the new version of VCOPS. If you installed it before, this experience will help you to install it again because steps are almost identical. First of all, you should download OVF installation package from Vmware web site and then you can import it to your vCenter. Secondly, importing the server is completed, then you can configure it.

During the importing you will type server name and two IP addresses. One is for User interface and second IP address is the analytics which is server. I recommend that not use DHCP, assign static IP address to these options.

Go to the download web site of Vmware and then download the latest version

After the download is completed, connect to your vCenter server and go to file>Deploy OVF template and then choose your OVF package where you saved it.


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