How to Install Vmware Orchestrator 5.5

What is Vmware orchestrator? Let’s start from this question. The answer is easy that it help automate vCloud Suite, vSphere and other virtualization system process.

I will explain more details what you can do with it within my articles.

Firstly, to install it. I have downloaded OVA version of the orchestrator 5.5 and basically I will upload it to vCenter as a VM.

Open you vCenter 5.5 web client or vSphere Client. I use vSphere Client and then go to Open and Deplot OVF template.

Now browse file where you have saved.


Confirm that it is correct application and version


After accepting the License, give a name to your server. Below is default name.


You can choose resource pool or pass the page. After the resource pool, choose a datastore where you want to keep the server


Disk format. I hope you have a company policy, for example I always prefer to choose Thin Provision but it is up to you


Define the network (vSwitch or DVS) you use to access the server


First section is about the password. There are 2 passwords you must type. First one is root’s password that you need it when you want to access the server. Second password is for vmware user in the vCO configuration interface.


Second section is about hostname and network configuration. Give a name to the server and type available an IP address


After completing the section above, please read the summary page correctly and finish the deployment.


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