How to Configure Orchestrator 5.5 – 1 Basic Settings

Get connected to Orchestrator configuration 5.5 web site which its port number is 8283



Username is vmware (during the installation of the appliance you were asked the password of it)

Welcome to Orchestrator configuration site


Bottom action panel is where you configure each section above

For Instance, if you want to configure General Tab, those tabs below are your options


First thing you should check is the service status.


Secondly, if you have cluster node, please confirm that it is correctly configured. I have a standalone server


Next Step is configuring Network address. Basically, you should go to Network Tab and then choose the IP address of the appliance in the drop down menu.


For More information about ports,

If you have a SSL certificate which I don’t have, you can upload it from Network Tab


One of the most important setting of Orchestrator is Authentication. You have 2 options, SSO and LDAP.

I will configure LDAP, however, have a quick look to SSO connection. IP address of SSO server and username and password are all you need. If your SSO and SSL certificate, you can install it as well.

one more thing is really important here that is a SSL certificate. Although you have recently installed the SSL certificate from the vCenter, that will not work because you need SSO SSL certificate. So, you should add SSO SSL certificate as well. All you have to do is to go to Network>SSL certificate and add it. this time you should use this url. for example https://ipaddress:7444 and after SSL is installed, the username must be SSO admin username which is admin@vsphere.local that has been recently changed with VMware 5.5



For LDAP configuration, type the correct server name and username. I have created a group for VCO admins and a service account vcoadmin. You can use this username to connect to Active Directory. For username, use this format vcoadmin@domain.local


Next step is Database configuration. Actually I will not do anything in this section. However, I will give some tips. Primarily, if you have an appliance of Vmware Orchestrator 5.5 a Postgre SQL database is already embedded to your appliance. If you want to have cluster server, on the other hand, you can use this DB. Because it is small size DB and not support Cluster mode. You need a SQL server. If you want to build SQL DB this is your address to visit;

Plugin configuration. I have the Orchestrator appliance including necessary plugins


I think that you all have an email system. If so, let’s configure the mail settings and then start getting emails

Smtp address, usernanem and password all you need to type into below screenshot and then apply the settings


Last thing and the most important thing is to configure the connection between Orchestrator and vCenter Server. Type your server details to below and save the changes. However, before doing this, you must import your vCenter Certificate to Orchestrator.

How so you do that? It is easy mate. Don’t worry. Go to Host tab and click on SSL certificate link


And then type your vCenter server’s address and click import button


When the certificate is found, click Import link


Now you have a valid certificate. So, you can fill the your vCenter host details. I added vcoadmin user to Vmware as an administrator. Thus, I am using this username


I have added my vCenter server into Orchestrator


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