How to Configure vCenter Orchestrator Appliance 5.5

There are 2 ways you can follow to configure it. First way is to connect to the appliance via vSphere client Console or SSH connection.

For both connection, you should know some commands of Linux because there is no GUI.

Second way is to connect it via a Web Browser and configure it.

What can you configure via a browser? Let’s logon to the appliance and see together

https://ipaddress:5480 is your address.


Your username is root and your password must be written during the installation of appliance

In the first screen, you can see what version you have, time zone of the appliance and you can do either reboot the appliance or shut it down.


Let’s go to Network setting because we should look at it.

First page is overview of the setting


The IP address, DNS, gateway and appliance name can be changed in Address Tab. Do not forget the save the changes you made


If you have a proxy in your system, you must configure it in the Proxy tab


Update can be installed by Update tab


I recommend that do not allow the automatic update.


The last tab in the menu is changing admin password and enabling SSH access for admin


As a result, the appliance setting can be changed easily via a web browser

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