How to Configure VCOPS 5.6 – 2

As you know that we have recently finished the first configuration of VCOPS. There are few steps to finish the configuration and then we will use VCOPS properly.

When the first configuration is finished, administration page has been loaded. First thing we should configure is SMTP/SNMP tab. If we have a monitoring system, we expect that the system updates us whenever it finds a problem.

Type correct settings about your mail system and if the authentication part is used, you need to create an account in the email system, otherwise you should add VCOPS IP address to relay section of the email system.


If you have a SSL certificate, you should upload it. Many companies use VCOPS internally monitoring and don’t want to publish the system to the Internet. Those companies never buy a certificate as my company


You can stop and start the service here.


If you update package you can import it from here. I have a new version package which is VCOPS 5.7.2 and I will update later today.


You can change the password from here if you want. Well done again, this configuration has been finished.


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