How to Register a vCenter to VMware vSphere Web Client 5.0

After upgrading vCenter 5.0 to 5.0 update 3 and installing Web client, new error has appeared that is “There are no vCenter server systems registered”


All you have to do is to register your vCenter server to Web client before using it. In order to register it, you should complete the following steps.

Open a web browser on your vCenter server and type this https://localhost:9443/admin-app (if you changed the default port during the installation, you need to write your port number that 9443)

It is recommended that to use localhost or loopback IP ( than server’s IP address to connect to registration page

Continue certificate error and Click register vCenter server.


This time you can use the IP address or the server’s name. Type a service account name and password and web client server name


If you typed all requirements correctly, you will see this


The registration has been completed successfully.

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