Office 365 – Quick Start

Previously we have created an Office 365 account and login the admin console.

I have a company which using domain for email system. My email server is Microsoft Exchange 2013.

When you login to Office 365, it gives you an account You can use this email address if you don’t have any email account such Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Those free email addresses are for non-business.

If you are running business, it would be better to get one domain name. If you have, let’s start configuring it.

office 365 - 7

Click on start button and start configuring our domain

office 365 - 8

As you can see, I am asked that use domain or use my own domain?

I am going to use my own domain name. Therefore, I have chosen it.

office 365 - 9

We are going to start from step 1 and finish the steps. You will see that I am going to skip some steps. Choose Steps 1.

Type your domain name and next

office 365 - 10

My domain is bought from GoDaddy and Office 365 wants me to confirm it is my domain. I don’t want to confirm because I want to manage the transition. So, I have chosen follow the manual setup option.

Now, The general Instrcution has been chosen and I am given some configuration settings. Let’s start with TXT record. Go to your Domain name provider and add the TXT record.

office 365 - 17

I have added my TXT record to my DNS setting and verified it.

office 365 - 18

Step 1 is done. Don’t worry, you didn’t transfer any setting. You just confirmed that the domain name that you are going to use.

Go to Step 2

office 365 - 12

I don’t want to transfer any user to Office 365 yet. Because I have domain controller and I will configure DirSync to transfer my users later.

office 365 - 13

Step 2 is done. We haven’t done anything for step 2 but it is completed.

Go to Step 3

office 365 - 14

That is the trick section. If you have Lync and Exchange on-premises, don’t choose anything here. Leave them unselected and complete the setup.

Good job!

There is a reason I haven’t moved users and configured DNS now because we are going to plan the migration and finish it smoothly.

Stay tuned

Sonat Yaylali

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