Installing and Activating Dirsync

Installing and Activating Dirsync

Couple of requirements you need to consider before doing anything. First thing is we mentioned before that object number.

Second thing is supported windows version is required for Disync, we have Windows 2012 R2. More information

Plenty of Memory, CPU if the number of objects are too much.

UPN suffix is the most important setting I believe.

I am sure that you verified that your AD is ready to go. Second thing you have to make sure that your domain name has been verified in Office 365. Go to Domain tab to check it.

Next thing is activating Active Directory Synchronization

Login to Office 365, go to Users tab then click Setup next to Active directory synchronization

Step is Active button.

office 365 - 30

If you are sent to tools section, you can use those tools to make sure everything is smooth. If you are sure then go back to Users and click setup and then click Active again

office 365 - 31

Click active button.

Now it is activated.

office 365 - 32

You can also check whether it is activated or not here

office 365 - 33

Step4 is download the Dirsync and install. Click download button and wait until the download process is completed.

Welcome to DirSync/ Azure DirSync

office 365 - 34

Next and accept the License and next again

Choose the path and next

office 365 - 35

Installation has started

office 365 - 36

When it is completed, next and make sure that Start Configuration wizard is selected.

First screen of the wizard is Welcome page, next

Type your Office 365 admin credentials

office 365 - 37

I passed the check and now I am asked to type AD administrator credential.

office 365 - 42

I passed this test as well. So, My credentials are working fine.

Now we came the most critical question, Hybrid deployment. Our scenario is from internal AD to Office 365. However, in some cases if you need from Office 365 to AD, you have to select it. If you don’t have Azure servers then leave it unselected.

office 365 - 38

I haven’t installed ADFS yet. So I need my users’ password synced to Office 365. So, I need to select below option then next

office 365 - 43

Now the configuration’s started.

If you have gotten an error “a constraint violation occurred” cancel the operation.

Go to desktop and double click on Azure Dirsync configuration icon again. You see below that my administrator account seems not member of the that group. Dirsync is liar I know that it is a member. However you must ensure. Go to AD users and computer and find the group in the Users OU and check Administrator (your admin account) is there.

office 365 - 41

Don’t panic, it is not end of the world. Log out from the session and log in again. Double click on same icon and type same credentials and this time is completed successfully.

office 365 - 40

I unselected starting sync and finish the configuration. We will choose the OU and then start the sync later. Otherwise it will sync all users with service accounts


Stay Tuned!

Sonat Yaylali



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