What is Hybrid Exchange and Office 365?

What is Hybrid Exchange and Office 365?

Many of you might have an Exchange server in your environment. If you have a plan to migrate users to Office 365, Microsoft gives you a chance to have a hybrid environment. So, what is this? Although you can have only Office 365 for your companies email system, you can have both, Office 365 and Office 365. You can keep some users on-premises and Office 365. There are 2 ways you can use Hybrid.


First way is move all users to Office 365 but don’t connect to Office 365 each time to manage users or Office365 setting. Connect your Exchange 2010/2013 internal console and manage it. You don’t have to pay any license or anything else if you want to have Exchange on-premises for Office 365 management. It will be a management console for you.

Second way is that keep some users on internal server and database and move some of them to Office 365. This time you might need to have high available system because Office 365 has HA option and users will not confront any connection problem. On the other hand, if you don’t have HA system in your internal Exchange servers and any problem occurs, your users might have connection problem. That could cause big and serious issues if high level staff’s email are running on internally.

Therefore, before installing or migrating emails and users to Office 365, please consider possible scenarios that could create big problems for you.

I recommend to all my client to have hybrid system to manage users easily. Some of them have users’ mailboxes on-premises, some of them moved all mailboxes to Office 365 but all have hybrid.

There are some advantages for you to have hybrid system


Exchange on-promises users and Office365 users can share free/busy calendar data.

OWA has redirection function and when you type internal OWA address that will forward your request to Office 365

It Admins can connect Office 365 from Exchange using PowerShell

IT administrators can manage Office 365 and Exchange from Exchange 2010/2013 management console.

After the users’ mailboxes moved to Office 365, Outlook will understand the changes and automatically will manage the connection

Multi-mailbox search can work for internal and Office 365 users

Last thing is it is really easy to move user’s mailbox to Office 365.


Stay Tuned!

Sonat Yaylali

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