Exchange 2013 Certificate Request Process

Exchange 2013 Certificate Request Process


I have only one server in my domain and I am going to create a certificate request from this server. This server is my CAS and Mailbox server and it is connected to the Internet. As y’all can see that my Internet Explorer has certificate error.

First thing is to connect to EAC and then go to Servers>Certificate.

ex2013 - 1

Click + sign and start the request process.

ex2013 - 2

Next and give it a friendly name. it could be anything as long as you understand what is this certificate for.

ex2013 - 11


Some companies prefer to get wildcard certificate rather than specific name. It would be acceptable for some cases. If you are running serious business you have to get certificate for specific name. That’s why we will not select wildcard certificate thick box below.

ex2013 - 3

I have only one server in my environment that’s why it is chosen

ex2013 - 4


Let’s start the configuration.

Click to pencil icon to start editing Outlook Web Access. As you can see below that OWA address is <Not specified> it must be if you use it.

ex2013 - 5

I am not planning to use different name for each services such as OAB, OWA, OA, ActiveSync. It is up to you to use same name for external services and for internal you can use server name (my server name is Or after little DNS changes, use same name ( for both internal and external services.

My auto discover setting is

Last screen is like this

ex2013 - 6

I am saying again that it is up to you to not change Internal server name.

My new certificate consists of these domains

ex2013 - 7

Now give some accurate information to the certificate

ex2013 - 8


Where do you want to keep the Certificate request. This is not important question but you must remember where it is when you need it. So. I prefer to create a folder named Temp on Root drive and a sub folder name certificate where I will save all my request and certificates to. I have also shared that folder

ex2013 - 9


Request process is over

ex2013 - 10


Stay tuned!

Sonat Yaylali


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