Exchange 2013 Completing Certificate Request

We have talked about requesting a certificate from Exchange 2013 in the last session

It is time to keep going to finalize the process.

Go to the folder where your certificate request has been saved and open it and copy everything in the notepad.

ex2013 - 12

Go to the Certificate authority companies web site where you are going to buy it

I have followed the steps for Exchange 2013 and created my certificate. I have selected everything in new certificate and copy it into a new TXT file where my another cerreq.txt is

ex2013 - 13

Check this out

ex2013 - 14

I have grabbed my new certificate and also steps told me that I need to copy my Certificate company’s Root (xyz.pem) certificate to same place

ex2013 - 15

Ok we have what we need. So, go back to Exchange Admin Console and to finish this job. Choose your pending certificate and click complete button

ex2013 - 21


Type the correct path and file name

ex2013 - 16

That’s it

It is done

ex2013 - 17

Finally we have a valid certificate. However it doesn’t know which service it needs to support. So, choose the services you need.

ex2013 - 19


Let’s check whether it is working. Before opening the IE, please check the path in the OWA setting is correct.

ex2013 - 18

Open a Web page and type this,

ex2013 - 20



Stay Tuned!

Sonat Yaylali




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