Enabling Hybrid Configuration On Exchange 2013/Office 365

Enabling Hybrid Configuration On Exchange 2013/Office365

If you have Exchange 2013 on premise and Office 365 setting is completed successfully, we can enable the hybrid easily.

I assume that Exchange 2013 is working very well and no need to health check. Also, Office 365 account has been created and domain name has been added to Office 365. Be careful that if cut over is not the subject, then you need to add only TXT record to validate the domain name. as you can see below that only TXT record has been added to my external DNs provider and domain name has been validated successfully.

office 365 - 25

To sum up about above, my Exchange has external domain name which is sonatyaylali.com and I am able to send and receive email using this domain. This domain name is also added to Office 365 using TXT record that has been provided Office 365 (during the configuration) but I can’t send and receive any email using sonatyaylali.com on Office365 yet.

Below is my Internal Exchange server, don’t confused when you see Office 365 name top of the screenshot.

office 365 - 26

Let’s create the Hybrid configuration, click on the enable button.

You must login to Office 365 and enable the cookies in IE before going further in the configuration menu. Enabling the cookies http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/block-or-allow-cookies That’s the menu below you need to use your admin credential of Office 365 such as admin@companyname.onmicrosoft.com

office 365 - 27

After login credential is accepted, your request will be forwarding to outlook.com. 4 things you can focus on in the new web page. First one is Hybrid is there, still Enable button is in the same place because it is not enabled yet. It is Exchange admin console but running in outlook.com. don’t be scared, everything is fine. Let’s move on using enable button again.

office 365 - 28

Click yes to continue

office 365 - 29

I am given a new TXT record (token) again. So, I have to added to my DNS Provider. Best thing to get the token is click on copy to clipboard and then open a notepad and paste it. After the paste, take only token. I have created a new TXT record and save the changes.

office 365 - 46

If you have edge server then choose other option but I don’t have at this stage so, I am going to stick with default option.

office 365 - 44

Choose the CAS server which I have only one

office 365 - 45

Do the same thing for Mailbox server and next

I have only one Certificate in my Exchange 2013 server and I have to choose it. If you have more than one certificate then you need to choose the valid certificate.

office 365 - 47

Type your smtp address here

office 365 - 48

Hybrid configuration requires admin credential of both, On-premises and Office 365, systems

The credentials have been typed to the wizard and configuration has started

office 365 - 49

Done. That’s it.


Stay Tuned!

Sonat Yaylali



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