Creating a New Service Request on Office 365

You may need this article when a problem occurs in Office 365. Usually you don’t need anything but there are many issues you can’t solve them. Therefore, you need a help.

For example I am having some difficulties and I need to raise a new service ticket to Office 365 Service team. I need an interim update for my Exchange server.

Login to Office 365 and follow the steps:

Support Tab

Service Request

And + Icon to create a new Service Request

office 365 - 54

First Step is to determine the subjects about your problem
office 365 - 55

I have given some details about my problem and type contact information

office 365 - 56

Although the answers below in not related to my case, for this instance, I filled the gaps

office 365 - 57

I have also attached the screenshot of my problem.

office 365 - 58

The case has been submitted and and in the next page you will see summary of your problem and click “Finish”

office 365 - 59

That is the ticket of my problem. The solution sometimes takes days or weeks. For example, this error exists for 20 days and I know that there is an interim update available.


Stay Tuned!

Sonat Yaylali

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