Meeting Request from Office 365 now showing in Domino

Meeting Request from Office 365 now showing in Domino

My last project is migrating mailboxes from Domino to Office 365. In Order to smooth migrating we have decided to use Quest Notes Migration Manager.

Some users are in Office 365 while others are in Domino. When a user in Office 365 creates a meeting, it is perfectly seen by a user who has Outlook/Exchange. However, Domino users are not able to see it as a meeting request. They can also see it is an email not meeting request.

Additional information, the users who are still in Domino are added to Office 365 as a mailuser. Their accounts are synced by Dirsync but they don’t have License and Mailbox in Exchange Online yet.

In order to fix the issue,

We have followed the following steps

First test it on a user. (First you need to connect to Exchange Online)

Set-MailContact “Sonat Yaylali” -UseMapiRichTextFormat Never

After that we checked the new meeting request can be seen by Sonat Yaylali (in Lotus Notes)

The result was perfect and then we have changed it on organization level

Set-RemoteDomain Default -TNEFEnabled $false


When the project is over;

Set-RemoteDomain Default -TNEFEnabled $null



Stay Tuned!

Sonat Yaylali

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