Recipient Display Type, Recipient Type Details

In many case, you will be familiar with the following attributes during Office 365 migration. Especially, if you are migrating users from another email system than Exchange, you can adjust the following attributes in AD for remaining users, they will show up in Exchange Online as a contact.

After the attribute is done, Dirsync can migrate the users to Office 365

Recipient Display Type = msExchRecipientDisplayType
Recipient Type Details = msExchRecipientTypeDetails


Recipient Display Type = msExchRecipientDisplayType

Display Type Value
MailboxUser 0
DistrbutionGroup 1
PublicFolder 2
DynamicDistributionGroup 3
Organization 4
PrivateDistributionList 5
RemoteMailUser 6
ConferenceRoomMailbox 7
EquipmentMailbox 8
ACLableMailboxUser 1073741824
SecurityDistributionGroup 1043741833
SyncedMailboxUser -2147483642
SyncedUDGasUDG -2147483391
SyncedUDGasContact -2147483386
SyncedPublicFolder -2147483130
SyncedDynamicDistributionGroup -2147482874
SyncedRemoteMailUser -2147482106
SyncedConferenceRoomMailbox -2147481850
SyncedEquipmentMailbox -2147481594
SyncedUSGasUDG -2147481343
SyncedUSGasContact -2147481338
ACLableSyncedMailboxUser -1073741818
ACLableSyncedRemoteMailUser -1073740282
ACLableSyncedUSGasContact -1073739514
SyncedUSGasUSG -1073739511


Recipient Type Details = msExchRecipientTypeDetails

Object Type RecipientTypeDetails (Decimal Value) Value Name
User Mailbox 1 UserMailbox
Linked Mailbox 2 LinkedMailbox
Shared Mailbox 4 SharedMailbox
Legacy Mailbox 8 LegacyMailbox
Room Mailbox 16 RoomMailbox
Equipment Mailbox 32 EquipmentMailbox
Mail Contact 64 MailContact
Mail User 128 MailUser
Mail-Enabled Universal Distribution Group 256 MailUniversalDistributionGroup
Mail-Enabled Non-Universal Distribution Group 512 MailNonUniversalGroup
Mail-Enabled Universal Security Group 1024 MailUniversalSecurityGroup
Dynamic Distribution Group 2048 DynamicDistributionGroup
Public Folder 4096 Public Folder
System Attendant Mailbox 8192 SystemAttendantMailbox
System Mailbox 16384 SystemMailbox
Cross-Forest Mail Contact 32768 MailForestContact
User 65536 User
Contact 131072 Contact
Universal Distribution Group 262144 UniversalDistributionGroup
Universal Security Group 524288 UniversalSecurityGroup
Non-Universal Group 1048576 NonUniversalGroup
Disabled User 2097152 DisabledUser
Microsoft Exchange 4194304 MicrosoftExchange
Arbitration Mailbox 8388608 ArbitrationMailbox
Mailbox Plan 16777216 MailboxPlan
Linked User 33554432 LinkedUser
Room List 268435456 RoomList
Discovery Mailbox 536870912 DiscoveryMailbox
Role Group 1073741824 RoleGroup


Remote Mailbox 2147483648 RemoteMailbox
Team Mailbox 137438953472 TeamMailbox



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