What is Cloud App Security

First the term of “Cloud” introduced, I had tried to talk and encourage people to take it seriously but everyone was scared. Today, Cloud is part of our life right now, application of our tablets, PCs, mobiles, Laptops have lots of cloud based applications. Moving to the cloud is easy and and increase the flexibility of users. it also reduce some IT costs. However, it looks like it has increased the security concerns of C-Level management.

We had almost full control of traditional IT infrastructure. In order to not lose the control and to able to get the full benefit of cloud apps, IT teams must find a way to maintain and control the critical data. Cloud App Security is a critical component of the Microsoft Cloud Security stack. It’s a comprehensive solution that can help your organization as you move to take full advantage of the promise of cloud applications, but keep you in control, through improved visibility into activity. It also helps increase the protection of critical data across cloud applications. With tools that help uncover shadow IT, assess risk, enforce policies, investigate activities, and stop threats, your organization can more safely move to the cloud while maintaining control of critical data.


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