Using Azcopy/Azurecopy Part-1

You may know that there are two type command you can use, Azcopy and Azurecopy. Both can do similar things.

First of all, I would like to start minor example in this article to show you what to do with azcopy.

Az copy is an easy tool to use. There is no GUI, it is purely command. Good thing about Azcopy is you can see how many files has been copied and how many MB has been copied. With Azurecopy, these information are not available.

If you something on your local server/laptop you can move it to Azure blob storage with following command.  I have a folder “Cloud to Learn” in my F drive and I will move it to my Azure blob storage.

AzCopy /source:”F:\News\Cloud to Learn\” /dest:” to Learn/” /destkey:YOURSTORAGEKEY /s

This is current status of my copy job


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