Office 365 Mail Traffic Report

I haven’t seen anyone using below report and command yet. Generally, this is an administrative job to ensure that traffic (Inbound /Outbound) of your Office 365 is healthy.

It gives you a view what is going on in your Office 365 tenant. Actually, when I first saw it, I didn’t understand it because there are many Event Types that we can’t understand unless we know the meanings of types.

Let’s give couple of examples

I would like to see Inbound traffic between 13/05 and 15/05

Get-MailTrafficReport -Direction Inbound -StartDate 05/13/2017 -EndDate 05/15/2017


If you would like to see Outbound traffic, run below

Get-MailTrafficReport -Direction Outbound -StartDate 05/13/2017 -EndDate 05/15/2017

Event types are actually little bit complicated, it would be better if you read Microsoft article about them.


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