Graphical Runbook and My First Runbook

Graphical Runbook and Graphical PowerShell Workflow runbooks must be created in Azure Portal. After it is created, it can be exported and imported to another Azure automation account. however, it cannot be edited in any 3rd party tool. This is one of the limitation of graphical runbooks.

Main advantages of graphical runbooks are they are visual models, you can see the data flow, visually represent management processes, also other runbooks can be included as a child runbook to create a big and complex runbook.

Let’s try to create a common “Hello World” output in our first runbook.

Log in to and open your automation account.


Select “Runbooks” and add a new runbook


Next step is “Quick Create – Create a new runbook” and then give it a name and select “Graphical”


in library control panel, type “write-output” and select “…” and then “add to canvas”


Click the Write-Output object on the canvas and configuration control blade will appear on the right side. Go to “Parameter”


Select “INPUTOBJECT” and in data source combo box, select “PowerShell Expression”

and in the Expression box, type “Hello World”. Please use “” symbols before and after you expression.


Now we can save the runbook and test it. I saved it and select “Test Pane”


Last step is click Start button and wait. if the test is completed successfully, then you can publish your runbook.


I closed the test pane and published the runbook. After it is published, I can actually start my runbook and see some results.

As you can see, the runbook has completed successfully. Output is “Hello World” and no errors on the dashboard.








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