Azure Security Center – Pricing

Azure Security Center, when we write this article, has two subscription, free and Standard. Also, you can experience standard subscription for 60 days.

Let’s start with the explanation

Security Center is offered in two tiers:

  • The Free tier is automatically enabled on all Azure subscriptions. The Free tier provides visibility into the security state of your Azure resources, basic security policy, security recommendations, and integration with security products and services from partners.

  • The Standard tier adds advanced threat detection capabilities, including threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, anomaly detection, security incidents, and threat assessment reports. The Standard tier is offered free for the first 60 days.

As you can see that Free subscription give you an overview of what is going on while standard subscription give you more detailed view and proactive approach.

Features Free Standard
Security policy, assessment, and recommendations  ✔
Connected partner solutions  ✔  ✔
Threat detection (behavioral analysis and anomaly detection) for:  ✔
Networks  ✔
Virtual Machines  ✔
SQL Databases  ✔
Windows crashes  ✔
Included data Not applicable 500 MB per day1
Price Free $19.11 / node2 / month

Daily data limit is 500mb and if you exceed that limit, $2.93 per GB.



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