How to View mailboxes that haven’t been accessed in Office 365

You have moved your mailboxes to Office 365 Exchange Online and license the users. However, it is a common issue that if an employee moves on, Active Directory account sometime remains active. That, of course, doesn’t release the license in Office 365.

When  above issue happens, our customers (not our managed Services costumers) calls us and indicates that they are running out of licenses.

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Office 365 Mail Traffic Report

I haven’t seen anyone using below report and command yet. Generally, this is an administrative job to ensure that traffic (Inbound /Outbound) of your Office 365 is healthy.

It gives you a view what is going on in your Office 365 tenant. Actually, when I first saw it, I didn’t understand it because there are many Event Types that we can’t understand unless we know the meanings of types.

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How to Switch Office 365 Licenses via PowerShell

We have a customer who bought Office 365 licenses from a vendor for a long time ago. The license is Exchange Online Plan 1. There multiple users in the organization using this license to access to Office 365 products.

The organization wanted to buy license from us and we have sold Enterprise E1 license instead of Plan 1. There are few difference between this licensing types.

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