How to Convert Federated Domain to Standard Domain in Office 365

I have a federated domain in Office 365 and I would like to disable federation configuration on Office 365 and make my domain standard domain again with password hash sync.

The AAD Connect is already installed and configured syncing my password. I have also ADFS servers. So, when I remove federation configuration on my domain in Office 365, my AD password should work and I will be able to connect to Office 365. That is not quiet true statement. You need to be very careful. Because converting Domain means that you are converting users identity too.

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Veeam Backup for Office 365

If you are a Veeam customer, I am sure that you have heard this feature. Although Microsoft offers DAG (Data Availability Group) running at the background, that doesn’t mean that you can restore any item deleted for a long time ago. You must be very careful about retention policies and Tag in Office 365. by Default, 30 days policy applies to every mailbox. Which means, if a user deletes an item, it will disappear very soon if you didn’t configure Retention Policies.

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